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Paula Dobson
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My name is Paula and I am an Artist, Illustrator and Maker living in Northampton, UK.  Since I was little girl I’m never happier than when I am creating something new and carry a sketchbook with me wherever I go.  I love to mix things up with various media including pencils, paint, needles and thread – even an ipad!


I’m rarely short of ideas and inspiration can come from anywhere.   Animals and nature, literature, movies and music all find their way into my work and something as simple as a new shade of coloured pencil can spark a whole new world of ideas….

I love sharing my creations and it was always a dream to have my own online shop.  In 2017 I finally made it happen on Etsy and Paula and the Pencils was born!  Over the last 2 years I'm thrilled that people have embraced my designs and it's bonkers that I've sent parcels of happiness all over the world.

There’s plenty of plans for things to come so watch this space and for all the latest news and daily updates, pop over to my Instagram, I’d love to have you there!

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I’m skilfully assisted in my studio by Lily the Whippet whose main responsibilities are napping, having her tummy tickled and trying to steal my cake.


Literally couldn’t do it without her.

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